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Auto Repair Phoenix 85012 85014

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Most of the energy in the gasoline (perhaps 70%) is converted into heat, and it is the job of the cooling system to take care of that heat. In fact, the cooling system on a car driving down the freeway dissipates enough heat to heat two average-sized houses! The primary job of the cooling system is to keep the engine from overheating by transferring this heat to the air, but the cooling system also has several other important jobs.

The engine in your car runs best at a fairly high temperature. When the engine is cold, components wear out faster, and the engine is less efficient and emits more pollution. So another important job of the cooling system is to allow the engine to heat up as quickly as possible, and then to keep the engine at a constant temperature.

If your radiator, your hoses, and your water pump are all working together efficently, and there are no leaks for the coolant to leak out, you should not need to constantly be "putting water in radiator". Besides, you really shouldn't be putting water in there at all.

We can check the chemical make up of your coolant. You may just need a system flush, and fresh coolant to return your cooling system back to the factory specifications.

We can check ALL the components of your cooling system, and put right anything that has gone wrong over time.


Auto Repair Phoenix 85012 85014
Auto Repair PhoenixAuto Repair Phoenix
Auto Repair Phoenix 85012 85014
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